Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Virgin Eyes

It would be fair to say that I had a "few" traumatic nights in college. For instance, there was the night my computer broke and I lost a 15 page paper that was due the next day. Slightly devastating. I remember walking out to my car and seeing the window bashed in. A little annoying. Oh, then there was the time a drunk lacrosse player threw a bench through our door. A tad frightening.

Yes, I've had some fun nights, however, the most traumatic night happened when I was a sophomore. It was during Spring Break, and unlike the rest of the campus, my team was still at school preparing for a trip up north. One night, after a team dinner, I walked out to my car to get some CD's. As I approached the parking lot I saw a naked man run by. Now, I should state that in college I was a virgin in every sense of the word, so seeing a naked man wasn't exactly something I experienced everyday. Okay, never. Therefore, like a frightened little girl I stopped in my tracks and called out for help. As I was covering my eyes and screaming, my friend's car turned into the parking lot, and came face to face with the naked man. Like a deer in headlights (pun intended) he just stood there in his birthday suit. Unfortunately, for him and for us, he was trapped. My friend's car was blocking the exit, dorms were to his right, a screaming 19 year old was behind him and a steep hill with trees was to his left. His only choice was to hide behind a parked car and pray that we would leave him alone. I was opting for this decision when my other friends came out and decided to harass the naked man. (You know, ask for a form of ID, where they could put their dollar bills, how much he cost for birthdays - those sort of things.)

I would like to say I joined in the fun, but I'm not kidding I was deeply traumatized. First, a freaking naked man had run right in front of me. Second, a naked man had run in front of me. And third, oh yeah the whole naked thing. Eventually, the streaker got fed up with our jokes and ran up the hill towards the main road. Campus police later told us they found him crouching near the Duke Chapel and claimed to be a pledge at UNC.

I'm happy to report that I got over this night, but it definitely took me awhile to walk to my car alone.

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