Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Please excuse the creepy picture of me. I had just gotten married, taken hours of pictures, eaten a steak and danced. I was a little hyper.

Today, I got a surprise visit from my older brother Jason. Nine years my senior, Jason has always been the perfect older brother. When I was five he taught me that The Who was the greatest rock band of all time. Consequently, before first grade I knew all the words to "I'm a Boy," and had no clue about a song of some stupid tea pot. When I was eight he would take me to the golf course and have me be his caddy. I know it sounds like child labor, but I loved walking the course with my brother. When I was in high school he made sure he saw some of my games when he came home from college, and when I went to Duke he was always up to date on my season. I love all these memories, but one always sticks out.

When I was in high school Jason took me to Zion National Park for the first time. On the way down from Salt Lake we started talking about school and my friends. I'll never forget Jason asking me if my friends drank or used drugs, and if I was ever tempted to join them. I told him that I wasn't tempted to try those things, but I was becoming extremely tired of being different. Jason then said to me, "Kate, make me a promise you will never do those things." At first, I thought he was kidding so I sarcastically nodded my head. He then said again, "Kate, seriously, promise me."

I never forgot that promise I made to my brother. His request stayed with me and rang in my ear whenever I found myself at a crowded party or bar. I'll always be grateful to my brother for introducing me to rock n' roll and allowing me to tag along when I was little. However, I think the greatest impact he had on me was helping me recognize the right path and pushing me to stay on it.

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