Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love / Hate

Last weekend I drove to St. George, Utah for a little birthday getaway/celebration with my twin sister. This drive is an absolute love/hate experience for me. Love, because of the fact that I'm getting away and have almost six hours to think about baby names, weird diseases I would never want to attract, why everyone driving to Vegas are always Asian, how long could I drive with my eyes closed and does my voice sound good enough to audition for American Idol? Hate because of the fact that there are just too many forsaken people on the road, there is absolutely nothing to see between LA and Vegas and after an hour my knees start to kill from being locked in the same position.

To remedy the unpredictability of my road trips I always bring a book on CD. Like the drive, this experience can be either turn into a love or hate scenario. For example, there have been times that a book on CD has soothed me while I sit in traffic and try not to look over at the moronic guys, who are trying to get my attention and who still reek of the lame Bachelor Party they attended the night before in Vegas.

However, other times on book on CD can ruin a perfectly pleasant drive. For example, for this past weekend I chose a book on CD called "Kingdom Come," which seemed to be a rather innocuous suspense. Yet, after the first two discs I was already apologizing to the spirit for the language Jimmy G., a corrupt union guy, was using, blushing during the interesting "moments" between the protagonist and his wife and writhing in imaginary pain as they described IN DETAIL how the killer sliced open its victims. (Fun fact of Kate #1300: I hate hate hearing about an injury, surgery or anything that involves the following statement, "Yeah, so I actually heard my bone break, and then when I looked down, the bone was actually sticking out." I will vomit if I hear this.)

So, needless to say this book on CD did not add to my trip. I guess I could have listened to the Conference Talks I have on my Ipod...so the book wasn't thaatttt bad. I'm sorry Spirit.

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