Thursday, April 9, 2009

The One Minute Rule

When I was in Mongolia I learned many important life lessons. For example, I learned how to point to things with my lips (which is probably one of my favorite habits), how to perform a clean farmer's blow, how to walk along ice, how to box out at a local grocery store and how to go #1 in a field. However, as beneficial as these lessons have been I would say the most valuable life lesson I learned, while on the other side of the world, would be: Your body can survive just about any type of food. How did I learn this lesson? Well, here's a little list of the things I ate while in Mongolia:

1. Sheep stomach
2. Horse stomach
3. Camel
4. Cow heart and tongue
5. Jello made from the ground up hoof of a horse and camel
6. Horse fermented milk
7. Cheese made from Camel milk
8. Cheese from Horse milk
9. Fat from all the above animals
10. An entire sheep head (including the tongue, sides of face and brain)

After all this I only got sick once, and I think it was because I ate some old tuna fish that I made. Anyway, I can attest that our bodies are made to survive some crazy things. So, push that "five second rule" to the "one minute rule," save those old paint chips for some fun croutons and hold onto that chunky milk in your refrigerator because, I promise, it's got a few more days in it.


Joanna said...

Ok, since I don't want to feel like a blog stalker, I am here to officially tell you: I came across your blog last night (via a Facebook website update) and seriously stayed up for HOURS reading - and laughing - and wishing we were friends. You are hysterical!! I'm not sure if you remember me... I'm friends with Summer Schenk and live in Salt Lake. I live in your parent's ward. Joanna Hudson. Yes? No? Anyhow... I hope it's ok that I sneak a peek into your life every now and then, because I must be honest: I work for the state, my job is sometimes slow, and dang, you are just plain funny!



stephanielynn said...

And that list is full of reasons why I didn't serve a mission.

Em said...

By far, the MOST awful photo of all time. I still have nightmares from the first time I found it. Thanks for the reminder...

p.s. I tweeted this earlier. Just sayin.