Thursday, August 22, 2013

There Are Such Things As Stupid Questions

Just now, and I'm not making this up, I googled, "How long should you cook a rump roast."  (What, I'm getting my domesticity on.)  Immediately, I was directed to the website: where someone has already asked this question and received 12 answers.  Yes, 12 people took upon themselves to answer this stupid question on the internets.

According to the "users" Ginarene71 offered the "best answer" with 4-6 hours.  I'm not sure what constituted this being the "best answer" since Sheloves_dablues answered 8-10 and even included a recipe for a rump roast.  I got to say if I was voting I would have gone with sheloves_dablues for the name alone and maybe for the extra mile of a recipe.

Anyway, once I got my rump in the pot, I started looking a little closer at this website.  Apparently, you can join this site and then either become a master answer giver, which allows you to earn points, based on how helpful you are, and join certain levels of wisdom givers.  Apparently, Ginarene71 was a level 5 answer giver with 5,408 points.  Yeah, I thought the same thing - dayyyummm Ginarene71, yous helping all sorts of peeps. (You weren't thinking that?)  The other aspect of this bizarrely helpful website, are users can use it to ask all sorts of ridiculous questions.  I'm not sure if you are given points for your inquiries, but if you are I would like to award some points to the following people who asked these questions:  (These are real preguntas...5 years of Spanish, what??!)

"If you could be a STD, which one would you be, and why? (User: "What."  Level 5. Points: 5,679)

Personally I would give this ten points because it did generate two answers of: HIV.  Yes, two people thought HIV was the top STD, high five to Americans.  However, I would also have to subtract four points for lack of originality.  Who hasn't been on a long road trip and NOT asked this question?  I mean, take me down I-95 and I'll be pulling out the "favorite STD" question by the first toll booth.

"How do I convince him I'm pregnant?" (User: Violet.  Level 1.  Points: 132)

1000 points subtracted!  Why are you bothering the inter webs with this garbage Violet?!  You know how you convince him you are pregnant?  Go to a store called CVS, Walgreens, a grocery store, and buy, now wait for this because this is crazy...a PREGNANCY TEST.  Then show him the results.  It's mind blowing.  (Did I just become a level 8 answer giver?)

What level would you be?

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