Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stranger Danger

For the past two days we've been kicked out of our home so our landlord's handy man could redo our floors.  Why are our floors being redone?  Well, like everything in this forsaken house, the tiled floor was done on the cheap and consequently was beginning to chip.  And you know who likes to put tile chips in her mouth - yes, the baby.  

As I handed over my keys to Max the handy man, and headed to my in-laws for the night, I began to wonder what good ol' Max meant when he said, with a sort of suspicious Iranian look, "So, don't worry we'll just be here all night working on the floors."  Just...working on the floors.  Why the need to emphasize "the floors"?  Was that code for: And once I see your car disappear I'm totally trying on your clothes, reading a magazine on your toilet and licking all your spoons?

Honestly, it's weird having a stranger in your house.  You start wondering what they are going to think of you.  Are they going to look at your refrigerator and think:  Geez, is there a new diet out there that consists of salad dressing, milk and old salsa?  Or Are these people poor?  

Are they going to look at your bathroom and question: So, the Oral B Electric Toothbrush doesn't actually have to look remotely clean to brush your teeth?  Hmm...I could have sworn hair and face wash would hinder the proficiency of the brush.  Guess not.  

And lastly, are they going to make a quick review of your closet only to decide: So, I'm guessing the husband has a job based on the suits, and she...hmmm...she either died ten years ago and he can't let go of her clothes, or she feels clothes are just means to cover the body and not to actually make a fashion statement.

What would a stranger say about the state of your home?

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SkippyMom said...

What exactly is a suspicious Iranian look?

Oh and don't even ask what they would think if I left them alone in our home.

Then again we are in the family vacation home and all the décor is based on resort/golf course living with wildlife thrown in.

Probably anyone who came to stay in this house would never want to leave. We would be looking at a 10 week floor remodeling gig.

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