Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I've Joined The Ranks of Mommy Blogging

So, let's explain that little logo to the right of this post. You see it.  The big, teethed lady that has her hands up trying to say, "Hey, I caught you reading this blog when you should have been working."  Well, let's disregard her incredibly passive aggressive judgmental smile and focus on why she's there.  You see, each day I find myself going slightly nuts being at home with the little one.  Sure, I love her, find her hilarious, love being a mom, blah, blah, blah, but I'll admit I feel like my brain is slowly deteriorating into a small piece of mush.  So, I blog.  I blog because all day sarcastic thoughts come into my head that the baby and the team of GMA, who never seems to hear me from the TV, are just not getting.  Therefore, I decided to try to venture out a little bit more and share what some have called, "...a genius work of observation...," and others have said, "...a glowing achievement of insight..." and my good friend once described as, "...wow, what a colossal waste of time..." with other mothers and blog stalkers.  So, I joined the Top Mommy Blogs.  Do I think this will boost my readership up from its solid 7? Who knows, but hopefully so.  So, click on the logo.  Every time someone clicks on it I receive a vote and my blog climbs up the steep slope of Top Mommy Blogs.  Do it every time you read one my posts and I might send you a t-shirt.  Might.  And the t-shirt might be an old Duke Lacrosse t-shirt my husband has told me to either donate, or rip up to use as a rag to clean the bathroom.

So, again let's review: Me lonely.  Me Write.  Me Need You.  You click Logo each time you read a post.  Me get votes.  Me Happy.  You Might get T-shirt.

Here's to climbing the charts!


SkippyMom said...

Mmmmkay, since I am pretty sure I am one of the band of 7, I promise to click on the link. Everytime.

I want that t-shirt dangit.

Just so, y'know, I know I have accomplished something in my otherwise mundane and pathetic life.

When I read this it reminded me of a story of me talking to my Mom on the phone when my son and daughter were both under the age of 18 months. Pre internet [and I think cable. I'm old.] I called her to whine that I had no one to talk to and I was going batsh*t insane in the house all day with two babies. She told me to "Talk to the kids." I cried back "But they don't speak English Mom." She calmly replied "Teach them." And then hung up on me.

Yes, it gives me the warm fuzzies everytime I relive it too. HA!

Just so it makes sense - that was me relating a story in order to empathize with you. [You got that, right?] I just wish I could have been as funny with the whole "new baby, new Mom" thing as you are.

Good luck on reaching the top of the list.

I am off to click.

SkippyMom said...

I can't believe you came and visited my blog.

Are you having an out of body experience? Or did your gorgeously cute baby hurl on you one too many times and you accidently clicked on the wrong link?

You may not know this about me, but I don't really care about comments or stats or what not. I just write that [silly, insipid, *insert your own derogatory adjective here*] blog to journal our life.

However, I do keep special people that I can relate to and find funny [in your case? insanely funny] on my blogroll. Not in the hopes that they visit, but just so I can keep reading them.

Still, I have to say Hick - I was really touched you stopped by.

Thank you. Now, am I allowed to go click again? I'm off!

[Oh, and I noticed one of the top blogs there puts a banner at the end of every post she writes and mentions that a click would be nice. Let's get you up there, okay? You deserve it. Trust me on this.]

Kendra said...

Kate Hick in the mommy blogging world?! Welcome ;)