Thursday, January 17, 2013

NO Freaking Iranian Standard

Ahhh cleanliness.  What's your version of it?   Be honest.  Do you clean your bathroom at least once a week, or just wipe off the seat if guests come over?  Do you wash your clothes with an actual washer and dryer, or do you pick off the stain with your fingernail?  Do you wash dishes or throw them away after each meal?  Come on, be honest.

You are probably wondering why I'm asking.  Well, I ask because I think the person, who lived in my home before us, had no standard.  Yep, you read that right NO standard.  I honestly think she took an entire pot of soup and threw it into her refrigerator.  And when I say "threw" I actually believe, with my beating heart, that she took a step back and launched a pot of soup into the refrigerator.  And then...shut the door and her mind to the possibility that one, it might become caked onto the refrigerator surface for time and all eternity, and two, that someone, other than her IRANIAN self, might move into her palace of filth.

I think so far I'm doing a pretty good job as a parent, but I think Avery's first sentence is going to be "Son of a..." after she watched me cleaned all day yesterday.  Darn you Iranians and your soup throwing.

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