Thursday, January 24, 2013

Misfit Meet Ups

So, I've officially been living in suburbia with no visitors for a week and a half and it's's going...well, let's not dwell on the details right now.  Baby is alive, I'm showered 50% of the time, and no sign of ants.  Life is how do you say...good?

So, last night I decided to go the magical internet for some friends.  (Don't worry this won't be about my weird encounters in chat rooms...some things must remain private.)  No instead, I found myself on a  For those of you, who have actual friends, is a place where misfits can find each other.  Plain and simple. I'm not sure if this is their mission statement, but I'm thinking of suggesting it.

Anyway, while I was browsing through mother misfit meetups, I came across a couple of interesting groups.  For example, there was one entitled "OC New Natural Mamas", which consists of:  "...moms interested in making connections and friends with other moms who practice or want to practice attachment parenting (co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, etc.) and other natural living methods for their family." 

I had a lot of reactions to this group, but basically, all I wanted to do was meet up with them and say, while leaving the baby in the car, "Oh hey, I'm Kate..I...oh crap, I did it again.  I left the baby at home.  I sometimes just forget I have one.  You know what I mean?" 

Another group that seemed interesting was the "Orange County Asian Moms," which consists of:  "...a meet-up group for Asian Moms, non-Asian moms who have multiracial kids..."  I don't know why, but I just want to bring my blue-eyed, blonde daughter to this group and see how long it would take someone to ask, "Why are you here?"  And then, when the question finally comes, give the questioner a playful nudge and say, "Us Asian moms have got to stick together.  Now let's go eat some rice." 

So, I'm probably going to be staying lonely for a little bit longer.

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OH sister, keep em coming...