Monday, January 28, 2013

My Strategy

Last night, while I was at the gym, I started watching Jeopardy.  After getting three answers correct I decided something then and there:

If I ever get on Jeopardy, instead of studying pointless facts, I'm going to train myself to master the buzzer.  That way, when I go on the show, I can win every buzz, and therefore, not allow my opponents to answer any questions.  Sure, I'll be in the hole a few thousand, but can you imagine how frustrated those nerds would get, if when they finally made it onto the quintessential test of brain power game show, and were unable to even attempt to answer a question?  It would be hilarious.  At the end Alex would have to say, "Well, Michael, looks your PhD didn't really help you today, and Linda, I'm so sorry we were never able to hear from you.  Best of luck on that cure of cancer you were finishing.  Now, Kate.  Very impressive on the buzzer...unfortunately, you have no money to wager in Final Jeopardy.  So, I guess that's the show."

Yep, it's official I'm becoming a stay at home moron.

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