Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A few months back the husband instituted (on his own) a rating system of my disposition for the day.  (I know, this doesn't sound crazy at all.)  If I was really wound up and funny I would be told, while brushing our teeth at night, "Wow, you really were an 8.5 today."  (Translation: I was fun.)  Or if I was in "mom mode" and maybe snapped at him to stop making noise while the baby was sleeping, I would be given a disapproving look and told I was being a "5 right now."  (Translation: I suck.) 

I know what you are thinking - how come the 8.5?  What does a girl got to do to get a 10?  (Assuming his deranged rating system is out of 10.)  Oh wait, is that not what you were thinking?  Were you thinking I should pack up the kid and leave this mentally abusive relationship?  Well, you are just being a 4 right now.  Honestly, everyone, (Mom and my faithful reader in VA) calm down.  Sure I hate this "fun game" the husband has, apparently, decided to play for the rest of our lives, but he could be on to something.  Imagine what this rating system could do for first dates?  Walk the girl up to the door, and instead of saying, "Wow, that was fun, I'll call you," he could just say, or hold up his fingers, "You were a 6 - I'm sorry."  Case closed.  All parties walk away.  Or how about when you are stuck in an annoying conversation and don't know what to do?  What if you could just say, "Hey everyone, great effort, really great, but you are all playing at a 4.8 right now, so I'm going to leave."  Again, clean getaway.

So, yes, I hate this mentally warped version of "feedback," and yes, at some point in my married life I hope I can attain a 10, but until then...I'll keep trying to entertain the husband through my sad feelings of inadequacy, and you all out there in cyberworld, find a better way to be honest.


Rachel said...

Haha!! You guys are funny.

Paul said...

I give this post a 6.