Friday, March 27, 2009

Sh*t...We Had A Good Run

The following contains minor bad language...

When I was in first grade I became obsessed with the swear word “sh*t.” I don’t remember how I first learned it or why I decided it sounded so cool to say (maybe it was all those times I heard my mom say it…I kid.) But, I remember at six years old I tried to say the word as much as possible – even if it didn’t make a bit of sense. For example, I remember one hot day at recess I was lying in the grass with my friend Tim Epp, and for no apparent reason, I said, “Sh*t, Tim, this hot weather is sh*t. I’m going inside, sh*t.” I can explain and justify the first “sh*t,” but the others…like I said, sometimes my obsession made no sense. Anyway, I remember as I got up I felt a little guilty for my potty mouth, but I couldn’t shake the habit. I was an out of control first grader.

Finally, some inspired Sunday school teacher taught me that swearing was wrong and not something a little six year old should be doing. It took a little while, but I was eventually able to curb the language. Fortunately, I found cooler words than shit. Like crap. Love that word.

No, but seriously, I have to admit I still miss a good use of “Holy Sh*t,” or “No Sh*t Sherlock,” or “That guy has sh*t for brains.” There’s just something about that word. Oh well, life is about sacrifices, and at six years old I learned that lesson.

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