Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two Months...How About Three Lessons?

I'll get to my 30 stories before I turn 30...but I just read this on the Yahoo Homepage:

Believe it or don't: Golfer hits hole-in-one on her first swing ever

Your setting: lovely St. Petersburg, Florida. Your heroine: 62-year-old Norweigan native Unni Haskell, who, after two months' worth of golf lessons, teed up her first-ever shot on a real live golf course.

On the first tee of the nine-hole par-3 Cypress Links in St. Pete, Ms. Haskell pulled out a driver -- this is a hundred-yard hole, but remember, Ms. Haskell had never played before -- and drilled a 75-yard corker that bumped, ran and ended up right in the hole.

That's right ... on the first swing of the first hole of the first course she ever played, Unni Haskell hit a hole-in-one.

Please!! That's it? Where's my article?

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