Saturday, March 21, 2009

Me and Blagojevich

In 1993, I was almost impeached as Student Council President. No, I didn’t steal money from our book fair drive, or make deals with the cafeteria union to get elected, or was I involved in anything inappropriate with interns. Instead, my almost impeachment was the result of me doing three things: 1. Writing on a pole “Kate + Brad,” (and that relationship didn’t even last through 8th grade.) 2. Chewing gum in art class AND 3. I was “rowdy” in music class. I know what you are thinking, and yes, I was drunk on all the power of being president. I was basically out of control the entire year.

Now as if my minor transgressions weren’t absurd enough the hoops I had to jump through after were absolutely ridiculous.

For example, along with the real delinquents of our school – you know, ones who smoked pot in the bathroom, slashed the tires of the buses and killed teachers – I was put on camping probation and once a week I had to endure a mandatory evaluation. These evaluations would consist of me sitting in front of all my teachers and listening to them say things like, “Well, Kate was pretty good this week. She got all her homework done and even participated in class.” (That was a good evaluation). And then sometimes I would make a major slip up and my evaluation would sound like this, “Kate, is not finished her art project yet, and she didn’t feed the class fish.” Damn, how could I be so cavalier in such a tenuous time?

Outside of the idiotic evaluations, I had to clean numerous black boards, clean up the cafeteria and wear an orange suit along the highway. (Okay, I made the last part up). Eventually, I was “cleared” to go on our annual camping trip (pre-teen overnight orgy), but had to drive with a teacher and another student, who smoked pot every day at school. I also was allowed to finish out my term as president.

What makes this experience memorable? Hmm…probably because this was the year I really rebelled and went off the beaten path. Fortunately, once I got to high school I straighten out.

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