Friday, March 6, 2009

Kate, No

I'm almost a month away from my 30th birthday, and I'm realizing I'm just not as "mature" as I thought I would be at this point. Why do I say this? Well, last night I was observing myself, and I realized I sort of walk like a guy, AND I've noticed I still act like a little kid in a lot of situations.

For example:

Last night I was invited to a dinner given by some older ladies in my church to introduce me to some other people. Throughout the entire night I felt like I needed to put duck tape over my mouth to stop all the sarcastic and "Kate" comments from coming out. I mean, how could I not make a joke about the wall (from ceiling to floor) that was covered in dolls? Or the other wall decorated in, oh wait, more dolls. I did mutter sort of to myself, "Do you guys feel like you are being watched?" Hopefully, all the hearing aides were turned down low.

Then as if the dolls weren't hard enough to withstand, after dinner we got to create a crafty St. Patrick's Day bootinere out of different shades of green paper and wire. Crafts? This was torture not to say something sarcastic. Finally, after being told my bows didn't look straight I said, "Really? I did this exact craft last night and it looked great. Even my Valentine's Day bootinere came out awesome."

Maybe it's not that I'm so immature, but more that I need a severe verbal screen. Or maybe just duck tape.

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Em said...

There are no words.

We better be neighbors someday.