Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Me and The Hulk

I have never been a big bragger...well, unless I'm re-telling the story of how I hit a hole in one. (And for those of you who didn't initially believe my amazing feat, I will say again, it was an official Par 3. And, I continue to stick by my story that there was, not only, fire breathing dragons and mean trolls, who tried to stop my ball, but a deafening wind against my face. And yes, through all this, and after three lessons, I still hit the forsaken hole in one. So, stick that in your Master's Green Jacket and move along.)

Anyway, I guess I didn't realize I had all this pent up anger from everyone's comments about my hole in one not counting when it's done on a miniature golf course, or when playing skee ball at Chuckie Cheese. Where's the love people?

No, the real reason I sat down to write this blog entry was to address my super hero ability. Now before you get all excited, I'm not going to reveal that I can fly or see through walls. I'm also not going to deny it. No, the only ability I'm prepared to reveal at this time is my gift to spot celebrities.

Since moving to Santa Monica I have spotted celebrities jogging, walking down the street, eating dinner and even coming out of the "lady's doctor" (as my one friend used to call the gynecologist). Now, the amazing part is not spotting and placing random celebrities. Instead, and I'm not kidding, right before I see a celebrity I get this feeling that I'm about to spot one. It's like a sixth sense I'm not even aware of in my brain.

For example, the other day I was riding my bike to the gym and the feeling came over me. (Now, I know how the Hulk felt when his skin used to turn green.) I scanned around the streets and saw nothing. Then when I entered the gym I noticed that Meredith Baxter-Birney, mother from Family Ties, was running on the treadmill. See the feeling never lies. Then later that day I was walking into the bank when, again I had that feeling, and who walks out? Reed Diamond from Dollhouse and Journeyman. (I didn't say the feeling always directs me to A-List celebrities.)

So, I'm not saying I have blades coming out of my hands, or am I able to control the weather...I also not denying it...but, I do think I'm special in that special sort of way. If only I could find a way to fight crime with my ability...

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