Sunday, March 15, 2009

It All Began With A Kiss

Today is March 15th. In a month I will turn 30. While thinking about this minor milestone I began to reflect on all the experiences that got me to this year. Therefore, I've decided over the next thirty days I will write about one experience that either deeply affected me or changed my life. I would like to claim this was an original idea, but that would be a lie. A girl I grew up with started a blog, that is leading up to her 30th birthday, where she highlights one individual, who affected her, each day...and yes, I made the list. Anyway, I know it's not 365 entries, but I think 30 will do.

The following are in no particular order:

In middle school each month our school would hold a dance. This was an event not to be missed. For three hours, our innocent gym would be turned into a prepubescent heaven. While swaying in a circle to a Poison or Bon Jovi ballad, sixth, seventh and eighth graders would make out like little bunnies.

When I was in sixth grade I was “dating” a hot thang named Dave Miltenberger. I know…the last name screams hot. I had pecked him a couple of times at some “boy girl” parties, but had never gone in for the real deal. At a middle school dance in March, Dave and I decided to take the next step in our relationship. I will never forget how incredibly magical this moment was.

I think we were slow dancing to “Something to Believe In” by Poison when Dave’s older brother came dancing up next to us with his girlfriend. Before we could say hi, he started to kiss his girlfriend. Dave took one look at them, then at me and raised one eyebrow. How could I resist the last name AND now such a smooth proposal? I think I just shrugged my shoulders, and before I knew it, Dave went in for the kill. I wish I could say fireworks exploded and chills ran down my spine. Instead, I was more conscious of how disgusting this experience was becoming and that I wanted to get away as soon as possible. After, what seemed like ten minutes, Dave pulled away and before I could say, “Gee, thanks,” my sister and friends pulled me into the girls’ locker room for a de-briefing of the experience.

I include this as a “life-changing” experience because of how different I felt after that moment. No, it wasn’t the awakening of my carnal side, but more an event I can point to where I felt a little older. I remember getting into the car with my mom and actually feeling a little more equal with her because I had kissed a boy. Little did I know that that kiss would probably be my worst, and Dave was only going to be a sixth grade fling.

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