Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Almost Retirement

I am out of town and was unable to get to a computer to make a post be honest I don't know who I'm talking to...I guess I should say: Emily, sorry I didn't post yesterday. Anyway, here's yesterday's post:

During my sophomore year in high school I was convinced my athletic career was over. In the summer before sophomore year I attended a field hockey camp at Old Dominion University in Virginia. The third night of the camp a girl ran directly into the side of my head during one of the scrimmages. I didn’t pass out from the hit, but when I stood up every thing looked a little fuzzy. With the help of my team I made it back to the dorms, but I didn’t last long. (The rest is what I have been told). Within a few minutes of returning to my dorm I proceeded to pass out and couldn’t be awakened. 911 was called and I was taken to the local hospital. Over the next three hours, I remember waking up at different intervals, but not really being full awake. I vaguely remember throwing up against a wall, being examined in the ER and getting x-rays. Eventually, I woke up and found myself in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV, and wearing a neck brace. Apparently, I had suffered a massive concussion and was unable to deal with it because I was completely dehydrated from playing three days straight.

A few months later, while we were at a basketball game near Penn State, I decided to drive to the basket and draw a foul on a rather large girl sitting in the middle of the paint. Unfortunately, instead of drawing a foul, my body hit against hers and completely bounced back. Instantly, my head cracked against the floor and my intended assailant walked away unscathed. I realized this hit caused another concussion when I shot the ball into the crowd. (I really could have sworn the basket was to the left of me.) After this episode my parents started to think about helmets.

Yep it gets worst. Once I recovered from my second concussion I was playing a pick up basketball game in our gym. The bleachers had recently been replaced and were now two feet farther from the wall. I didn’t realize what a difference a couple of feet could make until I went up for a lay up and then ran directly into them. This act of athletic genius split open my chin and caused me to get a couple of stitches. Again, my parents contemplated not only helmets, but now full body suits.

Lastly, during my first game of the lacrosse season I was hit on top of my nose, which caused some awesome black eyes, and sprained my ankle. I remember sitting on the bench, and while icing my face and ankle, thinking about an early retirement. Fortunately, I decided to continue in sports, but that year always reminded me of two things. 1. I’m not invincible. 2. Remember to leave a big girl alone in the paint.

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Em said...

Yes, I had noticed and wondered if you would post whilst "on the road."

P.S. I think it's best you leave big girls alone everywhere. Just sayin.