Friday, October 25, 2013

Random Thought Friday

I'll admit I have a few superstitions...(yes, this is my token Halloween post).

1. Never flash a car that doesn't have its headlights on because they are members of a gang and by flashing them you are inviting them to follow you home and beat you to death.  (If you are shouting in your head WTF - hold on.  I either read this or saw it on the news, but gangs were doing this.  Seriously.  On the East Coast...or maybe they weren't.  Either way, I'm not testing the Irvine Gang system.)

2. In college I always shaved my legs on game day.  Even if it was raining and snowing - legs had to be shaved.  And I had to pee right before they announced the starting line-ups.  Have I continued this superstition?  Um, now I always shave my legs once a week.  Not for a particular game, but for another game time.*  What?  Boo-Yeah.  I won't comment on the peeing.

3. I believe, no, I testify, that flu shots ensure you get the flu.  Every year I've been conned into getting a flu shot - I got sick.  Every year I maintained my regiment of eating copious amounts of cereal and drinking next to zero water - I was fine.

What are your superstitions?


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