Friday, April 13, 2012

My Not So Amazing Husband

Congratulations to you all who noticed the wrong dresses on the princesses.*

Happy Friday 13th everyone! Cue evil cackle.

So, like a few posts ago, (and I'm still standing by my love affair of The Good Wife) I must admit that I've been watching another show on CBS. I know, it pains me to admit it, but that network has got me by the jugular. For the past couple of weeks the husband and I have been watching The Amazing Race...and well, it's been amazing. This show makes me want to do two things: 1. Travel and 2. Find a few people on this show and burn them alive. Why do these people come on a show about teamwork and then insist on yelling, belittling and verbally abusing one another? Keep it at home - that's what I do with my good for nothing, sorry excuse for a man, never seen him take out the trash husband. Did I say that out loud?

No, in all seriousness every time I watch this show I think, "Man, the husband and I could kill this thing. We are in shape (well not currently), the husband is good with navigating, I'm willing to do anything to get ahead...I mean anything...and we're best friends." So, the other night I say, while watching some ridiculous couple argue over how to construct a pyramid of watermelons, "Man, if you and I went on this show we would kill it." And you know what I got in response? Well, first silence, which was strange, and then the husband said, "Are you kidding me? We would be awful." Really awful? I mean, sure I'm slightly competitive (I would probably knock my own flesh and blood down to win a board game) I hate being lost (There are two things I hate in this world more than anything: European tippers and being lost) sure, I lash out verbally when trying to calm down (I can't explain this) and I'm slightly passive aggressive when I'm not in full agreement with what is taking place (My silence and shoulder shrugs are deafening) so what?

My husband is such an idiot.

* I did not notice a thing wrong when posting the picture - which again, should only increase my plea for a non-princess daughter.

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