Monday, April 2, 2012

The Announcement

I must admit I've been putting off this post for quite a while...but here's the deal: I'm pregnant. Yep, totally knocked up. Currently, I'm almost 19 1/2 weeks. Before I was pregnant, I didn't understand why women insisted on calculating their birth in weeks. It sort of annoyed me that somehow the rest of us had to sit there, feign excitement and quickly do math so we could reply, "Oh, so you are basically five months along?" But, here I am.

So, what are my current thoughts on gaining weight and having an alien inside me? Funny you ask.

Well, here's the fears:
1. People will stop touching my bulging stomach AFTER I have the kid. How will people greet me?
2. I will find maternity clothes incredibly comfortable and be that girl who still wears the large elastic jeans. (Alright, I'll admit I was told of a little secret of a rubber band being looped between your jean's button hole to allow for a little more room...and I sort of love it. I might be continuing this process for...the rest of my life.)
3. This blog will only contain pictures of my child in the bathtub, eating food and looking adorable. Oh wait...was that your fear?
4. My husband will be severely disappointed when my enlarged melons actually go back to their solid A status. I've tried to prepare him with balloons slowly losing their air, but I don't think he's getting the message.
5. Watching The Good Wife (What? I'm pregnant.*) for three weeks straight will actually cause developmental problems with my future child.
6. My child will secretly love all CBS shows.
7. I will start listening to crappy baby music in the car, speaking like a moron and walking around with spit on my shoulder without even caring.
8. My dislike of all vegetables and crazy cravings of In and Out will continue and lead me down a path of morbid obesity...which will then lead me to the Biggest Loser and I'll be seen by millions of people crying on a treadmill.
9. I will never have the courage to answer, when some stranger asks me, "Are you expecting?" with, "Um, no...what are you talking about? I'm just big boned."
10. My mom will take my baby. She's slightly excited about this development.

Well, that's about it. I'm pregnant. High fives around.

* This excuse seems to be working for everything.


Ru said...

Congrats!! You'll have to post some shower info on Facebook so I can send a gift :)

JoAnn said...

GREAT NEWS! Congratulations to all three of you.

I predict that you will be just as bonkers as all those women you make fun of!

Hope you are feeling well.


Laura Kurz said...

I don't really have words for how happy I am for you and Dan. Yes, a baby changes everything. Changes your perspective. Changes your priorities. Don't know if you read my blog, but these are my thoughts these days:

Are you going to find out what "it" is? I can imagine your mother is over the moon happy for you both.

Love, Laura

PS - You didn't tell me if you want a Lehigh sweatshirt or t-shirt. Or both. Or maybe a onesie is more appropriate now?

Lindsay Jane said...

Congrats! Super excited for you! Now sign up to be a guest on Ellen's mom show and get lost of free stuff. I applied, but apparently I did not have a good enough sob story.

SkippyMom said...

Of all the news I could've read from those on my blogroll I can truthfully say I could not be happier than to read this.

A huge congratulations to you, your husband & you soon to be baby. So, so exciting. :D Enjoy every single bit of it - you deserve it!

Andrea J said...

Yay! I will smile all day from your great news!

Benjamin said...

Freaking Awesome Kate. Congrats to you and Dan. I told you...Robitussin.

Benjamin said...

Freaking Awesome Kate. Congrats to you and Dan. I told you...Robitussin.

happyfamily said...

Honestly?! You are so tiny! Bulging belly my... well, you know.

Caroline said...

i agree with happyfamily. you are hiding that bulging belly quite well. but anyway, i'm so excited! congratulations!!

Molly said...

Yaaaaayy!!! High five. That is the best news I have heard in a long time! I am so happy for you. You crack me up. I hope you are feeling good...