Friday, April 27, 2012

Mi A Hick

Why is it as soon as I tell someone I'm pregnant they have to ask, "Have you thought of a name?"  Do most couples know what they are going to name their children four months before they are born?  Did I miss that class at college where you discuss the pros and cons of names with future last names?  Stupid Duke.

So, yes, we've discussed names and this is how it's gone:

The Husband: Okay, you give a name and then I give a name.
Kate: (states first idea...yeah, right like I'm going to publish my possible names.  No, blogsphere.  Not today.  Not ever.)
The Husband: So, you want our baby to actually be a 80 year old man?
Kate: You go.
The Husband: (Offers name)
Kate: So you want her to be a stripper?
The Husband: Give me your next name.
Kate: (Offers #3 idea)
The Husband: Are you trying to piss me off?
Kate: Alright, genius your turn.
The Husband: Mia (Actual idea)
Kate: No.
The Husband: Why?
Kate: Say it three times fast.
The Husband: MIA HICK...Mi a Hick...Me a Hick...ahhh...

So, yes, things are going really well on the baby naming front.

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Stu Pedass said...

Aw yes, the baby names. It never ends (until you name them anyway...then it actually does end). I had to talk the wife out of naming our son, "Harry" (Butler). My sister's married name is Banks and she really liked the name "Robin" and it made her sad when she realized she couldn't use it. Good luck with the naming...In the meantime watch this SNL skit from 1992 (it's kind of dumb but watch until the end):

It's been fun catching up on your blog. Tell Dan we said, "hi" and we miss you.