Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Red

A month ago my sister and I participated in a 100 mile all girl race, called Little Red Riding Hood, in Logan, Utah. It was one of the coolest rides I've ever done. We averaged about 18 miles an hour, hung with some cool chicks, dealt with some crazy chicks and finished in about 5:30 hours. The only downside was we missed the last turn and ended up riding a few extra miles on the major "expressway" of Logan. If you get the chance, and you are a chick, grab a bike and take this ride. Honestly, you don't have to be a real biker. I swear, some riders looked like they had just grabbed an old bike out of the garage and decided to ride it for the day.

Here's the entrance to the finish line my sister and I, unfortunately, missed. I love that my favorite person, Emad, made me take this picture - and risked her life to get it. Who knew chicks on beach cruisers and rusty mountain bikes could be so angry.

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