Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Gonna Break the 11th Commandment

My Favorite Brewery. Best Salsa in the world. (that's for you Meg)

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have been officially named the camp director for my church, and I thought we should check in and see how that new calling is going.

1. Out of the three girls, who are eligible to attend Girl's Camp (what camp is called), only one, who according to her Facebook page "Got grounded for smoking pot," will be attending. Yes, this is a church based camp, and my only participant is a card carrying pot lover. I have to admit, that when I found out about her pre-camp activities, I considered citing some obscure commandment Moses forgot to include in the original 10 about "Thou shalt not smoke pot and go to camp" in order to escape a four day excursion in the woods. But, I decided her chance of reformation was probably more important than my stubborn laziness.*

2. Last night we met to pass off our cooking and fire requirements for camp. Two things happened last night, that made me realize I'm probably not cut out for this position. One, I brought matches from my favorite brewery. It wasn't until the nice, and completely appalled 60+ year old leader asked me, "Um, are those from a bar?" did I realize I probably made a slight mistake. And secondly, while I sat with my pot lover, trying to start a fire with no matches (no, that hadn't been confiscated) I finally threw aside the flint and steel, and while no one was watching, I brought out my contraband matches, lit the stupid thing and exclaimed, "Okay, passed that off!"

3. About two weeks ago, all the leaders from the other churches met together for our first meeting. Within five minutes, other leaders were singing camp songs, ahhing and ohhing over craft ideas - CRAFT IDEAS!! - and agreeing wholeheartedly that tanikinis aren't not even going to be considered as alternatives to bikinis. I just sat there trying to find someone in the crowd, who I could look at, and in one glance communicate, "Are you finding this as absolutely ridiculous as I am?" Unfortunately, all I found was a girl, who was already wearing hiking boots and a woman, who wore a fanny pack, just below the bust and above the rump, during the entire meeting.

I think I might start smoking pot before this thing ends...

* That, and the people in charge wouldn't allow me to keep her at home.

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Ru said...

So many awesome memories popping up! The family ward in my building has been asking for volunteers from the singles ward to attend Girls Camp ... poor girls, I'm sure the only volunteers they got were the tankini-hating fanny packers. Bahahahaha, hope you had some fun :)