Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm Not Funny

If I have been known to call you a close friend then you know sometimes my humor misses the mark. For example, remember Emad when I used scream out good night to your neighbors? You know the ones who didn't like it when I used to park outside their house and honk my horn? Or the time I thought it would be funny to break up with my friend's 7th grade boyfriend in the cafeteria and then had to watch him start to cry in front of everyone? Or, of course, the time I thought it would be hilarious to key a car - which sort of led to the arrest of my roommate?

Well, as much as I regret those moments, I fear I have yet to learn my lesson. Take for example today. A man and woman came into the restaurant to order some food. I was feeling my 11 o'clock energy (after my mid morning snack of something from the pastry case) and fell into the following conversation:

Man: I'll have a cheeseburger medium with an ice tea.

Kate: Great. And for your wife?

Man: That's not my wife.

Kate: Oh, good because I was going to say you could do a lot better.
(Kate waits for laugh) (awkward silence continues) (Kate contemplates screaming fire and running for the exits) (Man looks at Kate with a weird look) (More awkward silence)

Man: That's my girlfriend.

Great! We'll she be having a cheeseburger too?

When will I learn?

1 comment:

Em said...

Um, yeah, I remember...EVERY TIME YOU DID THAT!!!

Bless you, and bless that that guy does not become a regular customer, yo.