Sunday, January 24, 2010

Humans are the Worst

My $30.00 3D Glasses, that I'll be wearing during every movie for the rest of my life.

Last night Roddy Piper (name has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband) and I decided to follow the masses and go see Avatar. Now, I must admit that I was rather impressed by the special effects and the 3D was...totally worth it. (I'm trying to tell myself that since I spent my future child's college fund on my movie ticket.)

Anyway, as spectacular as the special effects were, I must admit, I was rather perplexed by the story and end message of the movie. (Spoiler alert) Take for example the last battle scene between the Avatar people (sorry I don't remember their Tribal name because I'm not a dork or still live in my parent's basement) and the humans. I couldn't help but think, as I was watching humans get speared with arrows, that as a spectator was I supposed to be hoping that humans got killed? Was I supposed to cheer every time one of my fellow homo sapiens was torn apart or flung from a ship in order to protect the beloved planet of Pandora? Apparently so, because, and I'm not exaggerating, as more humans were being killed, more people starting cheering in the movie theater. I felt like yelling out, "Yeah, get 'em. Humans suck!!"

Whatever happened to the typical scenes of humans killing aliens, dinosaurs, King Kong, sharks, predators and machines from the future? Now, those are movies I get.

As a side note, I read in The Week that people are experiencing depression after leaving Avatar because they long to live on Pandora. Maybe humans do suck...

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david said...

i think the real story here is...

you stole the 3D glasses? c'mon kate. you are JUST like the humans, stealing uobtanium from the na'vi!