Friday, January 29, 2010

Basketball With the Ladies

Every once in awhile I am reminded of what a strange place I live in. For example, Michael Keaton, star of Batman and Beetle Juice, has now become my new favorite customer. Each morning he comes in and says, "Morning Kate, I'll have my usual." To which, I reply, "Oh Mike, what possessed you to ever participate in the cinematic disaster of Herbie Fully Loaded?" To which he'll say, "Oh, Kate, your coffee is so bitter as is the truth that comes from your mouth." Okay, we don't really have a conversation but, he does say he'll have his usual and I get to shout out, "Latte for Mike!"

My other example, which is actually true, consists of another "movie star." (I use this term sort of loosely because 9 out 10 people won't know who she is, but if you ever had the pleasure of watching Stick It at the Sugarhouse dollar theater then you will definitely know who I'm talking about.) Yes, I'm talking about Missy (won't use last name in case she googles herself on a daily basis) from the hit Stick It, Heroes and the WB hit Reaper. Okay I think that is enough hype.

Anyway, the other day at the restaurant, while I was setting up the dining room, Missy called me over and we started to talk. (We became friends before) She asked me if I play any sports and I said, "Well, I coach lacrosse, cycle and occasionally play some pick up basketball." She immediately asked where I play basketball and if she could join me. Like a total idiot, I said, "Sure, a bunch of girls from my church get together on Saturday and play. Would you like to come this weekend?" To which she said yes.

So, I guess tomorrow I'm taking "movie star" Missy to the stake center to play basketball with a bunch of post-pregnant mothers, who will probably be dressed in full BYU attire and ask to pray before the game. What in the world was I thinking?


Ru said...

Ok, you know you're going to have to write the update to this story after the game, right? Inquiring minds need to know!

Lindsay Jane said...

Dude. I so own that movie. So...what happened?

Michael Keaton said...

How dare you demean me. I have an effing Golden Globe Nomination. No kidding, for Live from Baghdad. And the fact that you knew that I was in Herbie: Fully Loaded makes you the biggest effing nerd on the face of the planet. I did it to pay the mortgage on my house. What about Batman? It was the highest grossing movie of 1989. I was in demand back then. Did you know I turned down 35 million to do Batman Forever? I was in demand. I was hot shit. But back then it wasn't all about cocaine and ladies of the night. It was about artistic altruism. Lindsey Lohan was hot off of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and people were saying, "Watch her. She's going places." Well, people weren't saying that so much as my agent was so I jumped at the chance to star in a movie about a Volkswagen Bug that has a personality and pisses oil on rich people's shoes. It seemed like a foolproof plan at the time. It was going to be my Pulp Fiction, man. It was supposed to be. How could I have known that Lohan was going to steal the show with her Cheeto's cheese dust tan?

Molly said...

Ha ha.. that is classic. Your blog honestly cracks me up. i hope you don't mind me reading it. Your way of recounting what happens to you on a daily basis is hilarious. thank you:)

Molly said...

you tell her Michael Keaton;)

Herby Fully Loaded was a Kuality film!