Friday, May 1, 2009

To Burn, Or Not to Burn

At the moment, I find myself in a bit of quandary. A couple of months ago I was hired to work as a counselor for a summer camp on the beach. Initially, I was excited about the job because I would be working outside and playing games all day (because let's be honest I'm still a six year old boy). However, as time went on from my initial interview (which was a cross between a really bad drama class and a drunk AA meeting) my excitement for the job began to wane. Why? Well, let's just say the owner of the camp wasn't exactly my favorite person. (I know that sounds cryptic, but let's think about this in a broader sense. I like most people. Most people like me. So, if I don't particularly like someone, they must either 1. suck 2. smell bad 3. insist on recycling everything 4. A weird mid-30s guy who wouldn't let me even interview for the job I wanted or 5. religiously watch Oprah, read her books from her Book Club and read her magazine. You can decide which category the owner fell into.)

So, anyway a few weeks back, I decided to go hunting for a new job and stumbled upon a restaurant opening in Santa Monica who needed a cashier. I, without thinking, applied for the job, got the job and now I'm sitting with two jobs. (And people say the economy is bad...please.) So, here's my quandary: I obviously need to quit the beach job, but how do I do it? I mean, life has given me an opportunity to burn a bridge and really tell someone, who I'll most likely never encounter again, how I really feel about them. So, should I just tell the truth that I got another job and the commute is much better? Or should I just not show up that first day of camp and not return any of his frantic phone calls? (That was how I broke up with most of my boyfriends - definitely the tried and true approach.) Or should I call him and tell him that I think his staff, who he feels is really the "cream of the crop," is nothing more than a notch up from community college drop-outs, and that this camp, even though they tried to convey that during the interview process, is not curing cancer but glorified baby-sitting, and if I wanted to be treated like a moron I would have taped a "Kick Me" sign on my back and walked along a busy street?

I must admit, I'm really leaning towards the disappearing act. What can I say - thanks Universe for the opportunity, but let's be honest, once a weenie always a weenie.

Does anyone want to work for a total (insert something that reminds you of the beefy guy at the gym who stares at his muscles more than he actually lifts) this summer? There will most likely be an opening that first day of camp. Just look for the beach with four counselors instead of five.

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