Wednesday, May 13, 2009


After working two days at the restaurant I've noticed a few things about people:

1. Some people are cool. And some people are not. For example, after a lady told me she was allergic to cilantro, I made a special note of it on the ticket and notified the kitchen. Her omelet then came out with extra cilantro. She didn't complain. (cool) Another lady came in three separate times, complained each time and was comped three meals. (Not cool).

2. Some people have given up. For example, a rather large man, who could barely walk down our stairs, ordered only bacon to go. I have to admit, I sort of admired him.

3. Some people simply creep me out. For example, there was a guy from Italy who wore a fanny pack, Dolce Gabbana sunglasses, a mesh shirt and red spandex shorts, who kept hanging out near my counter asking me questions about Santa Monica. It wasn't the constant questions that weirded me out - it was the shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

More observations will be coming.

This was the closest picture I could find to my run in with the Italian Stallion.


Em said...

Crap, I guess I better DI my shorts.

Ryan said...

I think I am gradually slipping into the 2nd category. I think bacon to go sounds really tasty.