Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rule of Thumb

Should I be worried about this conversation I had the other day with Einstein (name has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband)?

Kate: "It's always a good rule of thumb to wash your hands before making dinner."

Einstein: "Do you know where that term 'rule of thumb' came from?"

Kate: "No, Einstein. Now hand me that pan."

Einstein: "Well apparently there used to be a law in England that stated a man could only use a stick the thickness of his thumb to beat his wife."

Kate: Silence.

Einstein: Smiles.

Kate: Silence.

Einstein: "Isn't that interesting?"

Kate: Silence.

Einstein: (Holds up his thumb) "I guess that wouldn't really hurt."

Was he weighing my threshold of pain or thinking he was going to need a thicker stick? (I got to stop tickling him. I can tell I'm pushing him to the edge.)


Em said...

She still needs a snow globe.

Ryan said...

He definitely needs a thicker stick.