Monday, May 11, 2009

Number Five

Today is my best friend's birthday. She is obsessed with the number five so here are five reasons why I think she's cool.

1. She has fantastic taste in music and has given me probably half the songs I own. Because of this generosity Jacque (named has been changed to protect the privacy of my husband) and I started calling her my "music whore." Unfortunately, the name didn't really stick so we just call her EMad.

2. She'll put the entire world ahead of herself.

3. Once, when she got cut off while driving down the highway by a dirt bag in a large truck, she drove up next to him and got his attention. She then pointed down towards the groin area and then measured an inch with her thumb and pointer finger to indicate to him, that by cutting her off, he was not very well endowed. I love that story.

4. She's a vegetarian who eats club sandwiches at Red Butte Cafe in Salt Lake.

5. She'll pick you up when you get a flat on your bike, come to your game when it's 40 degrees outside, buy endless bottles of Diet Coke and mentos just to wash them burst, tell you are cool, run around with you in a haunted house and always have your back.

Happy Birthday E Mad.


Em said...

You just made my last hour great.

Now just move in next door....

4 Reale said...