Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Just a TV Stand

I just thought I would send out a friendly warning to those of you thinking of purchasing anything from me through Craigslist.  Apparently, if we have made a deal over text, for you to come to my house and purchase my "crap," you are going to get in a car accident. Yes, you heard me right.  You are in serious danger.  I know, I know, I too want to rush and sell you my piece of crap TV stand from 2002, but just slow down, check your blind spots, stop texting and keep your eyes on the road!  Why am I saying this?  Well, over the past two days I've made two deals, with two different individuals, to purchase a freaking TV Stand and BOTH, yes, both, have stood me up numerous times because...wait for it...because they got in an accident on the freeway.  Again, let me recap, I'm selling a scratched up, old, TV stand for $30 and 2 idiots have managed to get in accidents on their way to my house.  Of course, this leads me to question a few things:

1. Am I missing something in the picture I posted on Craigslist?  Did I by accident catch a reflection of my naked body in the window behind the stand? 

Answer: HA!  No.  Baby weight battle 2013 is still continuing. 

2. Is every idiot I see on the freeway, who has been involved in a car accident, actually my fault?  (I mean, I sell a lot of crap on Craigslist.)

Answer: No.  There are way too many idiots getting into accidents that the math doesn't stack up to the amount of crap I'm posting...cue relief sigh.

3. Are my innocuous texts of, "Yes it's still available," actually sound like, "Please make up a huge lie if you stand me up because after my gay prom date incident I've never been the same."

Answer:  Apparently so.

So, friends, I have more pre-college stuff to sell..check your car insurance and tighten that belt because it's gonna be a crazy ride. 


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