Tuesday, February 19, 2013

K Soulll Has Left The Building

So, lately I've been ripping our music all over again.  No, we didn't have a massive computer breakdown and lose all our files, or did we get robbed.  No, instead, I, the "stay at home mom," decided to create a project for myself and rip our music at a higher bitrate than its original rip so the quality will be better.  (Just so you know I'm pushing my glasses up and muttering, "I'm surprised you didn't know that...") 

Anyway, this process has been interesting. One, because it has taken me about seven weeks to do it.  (Not because we have so many CDs, but because my day is now broken up into ten minutes of actual focused time.)  Two, I've realized in the 1990s I suffered from what one would call a severe addiction to "Cheating Columbia House and BMG Music."  For my young readers, Columbia House and BMG were CD companies, who would offer something like 11 free CDs, if you bought one CD at regular price and if you signed up for their CD of the month - which you just returned.  After doing this honestly for a couple of years (I mean, giving them my actual name and paying everything I was supposed to) I realized....um...this was a system to "play with."  After formulating a well thought out plan Before I knew it, I was sending in requests to Columbia House and BMG with different names and every time I moved, which was a lot in college, I would...I would...sign up again. However, without a stable address and a real name - folks, I'm not proud of it, but I killed these two companies.  I killed them so much that I sometimes I fear in some office building in Indiana (I remember that's where they were headquartered) there's a "Most Wanted List" with the following names on it: K Sou, Ka Souli, Kate S, Kathy Solidr...etc.  (What can I say, my maiden name was Soulier, and I wasn't that creative.)

However, I think now, Columbia House and BMG can have the last laugh.  For the past 20 years I've been lugging around two very large CD cases filled with CDs like, En Vogue, Spin Doctors, every Barenaked Ladies album put out from 1996 to 2000, and all sorts of one hit wonders that I can't even begin to name them.  (Remember to get a song you had to buy the entire album...how stupid was that?) 

Thank goodness for my Russian website because I still don't feel good about paying for music.

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