Monday, July 8, 2013

All My Dreams Coming True

Last night I dreamed that I was standing in a very long line at Target when this woman tried to butt in front of me.  At first I was really angry because all I had was one item, but then I decided to let her in front of me because she was old and seemed a little crazy.  Once she got in line I realized Avery needed to eat and I needed to get home...and then the dream ended.  (I know, this entry has already rewarded you for the two minutes you've wasted reading it.)

As I sat there in bed reflecting on my riveting dream I had two thoughts: 1. Seriously?  Not only do I visit Target twice a week, but NOW I'm dreaming about it?  And 2. If I'm dreaming about Target what does Jay-Z dream about?  Diving in money like Uncle Scrooge on Duck Tales?

If I dream tonight about thousands of red shirts and khaki pants I'm never going to sleep again.

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