Monday, July 29, 2013

Employed People Are Funny

I know my last entry was all about questioning peoples' professions, and since I didn't get a single comment or piece of hate mail...I'm at it again.  (Yes, the irony of my unemployed self making fun of people, who are actually employed, is not lost on me.)

So, where are we going to mock today?  A little place called My Gym.  Now, before you get all excited, let me first say, My Gym, which is basically a large indoor gymnastics playground for little ones, is the coolest thing I've ever seen since becoming a mom. (That would also include the past two episodes of Real Housewives of New Jersey - which technically I watched as a mom.)  No, I'm not going to mock the place that causes my child to nap for hours afterwards, I'm going to mock the grown men, who are the instructors at My Gym.  First of all, raise of hands of who is wondering what websites these guys are registered on.  Seriously, I love the songs, the puppet shows and the tumbling, but there's just something about a guy my age doing this as a profession.  What does he say his job is to his friends?  A Developer of Children Coordination and Stimulation.  (Still sounds creepy)  Child Entertainment Specialist.  (I'm gulping some water to swallow that.)  Does he even talk about his work to his peers? (Scene at a bar after work.)  "Oh yeah, today was rough.  If I have to teach one more kid on how to do a head stand I think my head is going to explode.  Am I right?"  Silence from his doctor and lawyer friends.  And lastly, how does one, being a grown man in his thirties, fall into this profession?  Was it a dare?  Did Chuck E. Cheese reject his application for skee ball operator?  Honestly, how did it happen?

Again, I ask these questions, but really I don't care.  My baby is sound asleep, I'm blogging my afternoon away, and nothing inappropriate happened today at class. I would say My Gym is A. O. K.


Lindsey said...

You monster! Maybe the happiness and laughter of all the sweet children brings them everlasting joy!
(Ok, who am I kidding. I thought the same thing the first time we went. Ha!)

Benjamin said...

My guess...washed up Gymnasts unable to make the national team that are then forced to find work at MyGYM or tumble in the underground gymnastic death matches around LA or out of work stuntmen.

Hearing you on the park rangers... I just think they REALLY liked Girl Scout/Boy Scout camp as kids.