Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pipe Springs Dream

Yesterday, I returned from a week long road trip to St. George and the Grand Canyon.  On the way to the Grand Canyon my parents and I stopped off at Pipe Springs.  You know, the National Monument? You know, how the water of Pipe Spring made it possible for plants, animals and people to live in a dry and desert region.  Pueblo and Kaibab Paiute Indians?  Mormons?  Nothing? 

Well, if you are ever headed to the lame Grand Canyon make sure you stop off here.  Or stop here and turn back to where you came from.  It's your choice.

So, anyway, while we stopped at this national treasure we were fortunate enough to catch the 1 o'clock tour of the fort, given by Rebekah, a real National Monument Ranger!  (Apparently, the spring needed to be guarded from the Indians.)  As I listened to Rebekah tell us about the old floors and how they all slept in the same room, I thought, "Rebekah, may I call you Rebekah or would you prefer Ranger Rebekah?  How did you get here? No, seriously, was this the plan?  Are you actually running from the law and figured no one in their right mind would check Pipe Springs because really, let's be honest, it's sort of an "interesting" bathroom break.  Or, did you somehow stumble on the "The Most Boring Jobs On Earth" book one day in the library, and decided right then and there, that if you couldn't work as a toll booth collector, you would become a Park Ranger in Arizona? And not a cool park like, um, oh yeah, the Grand Canyon, but at Pipe Springs??  Or lastly, do you just dig the outfit?  Is that it?  Are the polyester forest green pants just too hard to pass up that you would go anywhere, and I mean, anywhere, to just wear them in 110 degree weather?  Huh? Rebekah?"

Unfortunately, I never really got the chance to ask all my questions. I did, however learn that, after Rebekah asked us if we liked cheese, because we were standing next to a giant cheese maker from the 1890s, a kid in the tour group doesn't like cheese because it makes him constipated.  So, that was interesting.  

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