Tuesday, July 30, 2013

That's My Dad

If you are just starting to read this blog, one, thank you for accidentally stumbling upon this, and staying on it, while you were searching for some inappropriate site about Hicks and California, and two, there's something you should know about me: I was either abducted by the FBI one night and implanted with a facial recognition software, or I was born with a super human power of recognizing the most random people.  Either way, if you have recently lost a loved one and can't seem to find them, or if you are curious if anyone at the grocery store was ever in a commercial - I'm your girl.  Am I exaggerating?  Hmm, let's see.  Yesterday at My Gym (see below entry) I recognized a couple, who lived in Santa Monica four years ago and who attended the restaurant I worked at ONCE.  ONCE!  I took one look at them, shuffled through my bionic facial database and asked, "Did you guys live in Santa Monica?"  Boom goes the dynamite.  Three years ago the actor, who played a high school meat head in the 1980s flick, Can't Buy Me Love, came into restaurant and after serving him coffee, I asked, "Where you in Can't Buy Me Love?"  He was so blown away by my recognition, he brought his wife into the restaurant the following day to introduce me as the "one who actually recognized me."

And then on Sunday, my super human powers showed they are getting even stronger.  Each Sunday morning the husband and I watch "Sunday Morning" on CBS.  (With great shame I'll admit I watch a show on CBS.)  During a segment on hamburgers, some footage from the 1950s was shown of two guys barbecuing outside.  The footage couldn't have been longer than 4 seconds, but immediately I grabbed the remote, rewound the channel, and declared, "That's my Dad."  Sure enough somehow CBS had gotten hold of some old footage my grandfather took for the Union Pacific that showed my Dad and his friend barbecuing outside.  I know, impressive right?  Now, I just need to figure out one, if I can make any money off this gift, and two, if the FBI has been using me this whole time. Check out the video at the 19 second mark. The good looking guy in the apron is my Dad.

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