Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Cardinal Rule of Christmas Cards

Disclaimer: This entry is not the result of any of MY friends' Christmas card.

So, the other day we received a Christmas card from one of my husband's friends. (Yes, you are getting two entries in a row about Christmas cards - tis the season.) It was your typical 30 something Christmas card - Costco printed, short wish of a Happy Holiday and a well posed picture. Unfortunately, this well intended card forgot one of the cardinal rules of Christmas cards - if you recently had a baby and you are, either still overweight from the pregnancy, OR if your newborn is...not cute - SKIP THIS YEAR or SEND A NOTE.* Honestly, this child was seriously killing the card.

I now leave this train of thought and ask you all: Do you think these thoughts I have sometimes about not cute children is the reason I'm barren? Yeah, me either. Some kids are just not cute.

I know there are many of you out there who wanted to see the Christmas card I'm referencing...sorry. Please enjoy this awesome one I found on the interwebs.

*Which really should be a brief explanation of your inability to lose your baby weight, or the fact that your husband was too an ugly baby, but grew out of it in high school.


Laura Kurz said...

Was ours OK? Charlie is cute. I swear. He wasn't even photoshopped. Although I was.

Kate said...

Are you kidding me? He's the reason Christmas cards should be sent out.

SkippyMom said...

I love my nieces to pieces [Dr. Suess channeling, excuse me] and they are lovely young women, but I wish their parents would rethink their Christmas card.

I honestly don't need a picture card that shows matching sized pictures of my two nieces in one - with the family dogs [in antlers, no less] side by side.

How do the dogs get equal billing?

I am all for dogs/pets - but you couldn't put them IN the picture with the kids - you had to give them their own photograph? It is sort of unframeable.

Don't get me wrong - I have plenty of friends and family members that don't have kids but do have pets and I welcome their Christmas cards of their "babies" - but giving your dogs their own space when you have kids seems a wee bit odd.

Throw a pork chop around one of the girl's necks and I am sure the pups would pose happily.

And no - I don't see that as a reason for no kids yet - otherwise I would definitely have more disposable income, free time with my husband and heck of a lot less grey hair.

Not every baby is cute. Trust.