Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reality Check

Okay last story from camp, but there was so much material. At the end of camp, I announced, "If anyone would like some personal feedback, please come up to one of the coaches and we would be happy to discuss some things you can work on." Within 30 seconds, I had about ten kids lined up in front of me. Now, I'll admit, when I made the initial announcement I assumed that only the "good" kids would come over. I neglected to factor in that the "bad" kids were also going to come looking for some feedback. So, this is how it went down:

Good Kid Feedback From Me:
"You had a great camp. I would work on developing your defense and keep building your confidence."

Bad Kid Feedback From Me:
"Have you ever thought about swimming? There's no contact, you don't have to have a group of girls depending on you to play your part, you get to be under water so people can't really hear you, it can be cheaper than lacrosse and what a life skill? Who doesn't wish they could swim better? Alright, have a great summer."

Honestly, parents please make my job easier. Sit your uncoordinated children down and have a heart to heart. Apologize for the lackluster gene pool, inform them that they were sent to camp because you needed some time alone and remind them not to put an unsuspecting coach on the spot with a ridiculous question of: "So, what do I need to work on?"

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