Wednesday, August 11, 2010

License To Illl

Here's a video of the song done by a horrible high school. I thought it was so bad, it was actually awesome.

Today, Mike D of the Beastie Boys came into the restaurant. I'll admit my powers did not sense his presence, and even after seeing him, I wasn't sure if that was actually him. Come on, I bet even Superman couldn't see through EVERY wall. Anyway, this sighting, though it wasn't offically mine, was actually pretty cool because the very first tape I ever bought was the Beastie Boy's album "License To Ill." Why my mother ever allowed me to listen and to purchase this tape I'll never understand. Anyway, I remember one day we were cruising in our purple Oldsmobile station wagon (which was actually a tank developed by the federal government during the Cold War) and I decided to play my new tape. For some reason songs like "Brass Monkey" and "Fight For Your Right" had no effect on my sweet mother. It wasn't until I sang the lyrics of "Girls" did my mom finally snap out of her taxi driver mode and exclaim, "Kate what is this?" The lyrics you ask. Well, picture a fifth grader singing this in the back seat:

Girls - to do the dishes
Girls - to clean up my room
Girls - to do the laundry
Girls - and in the bathroom
Girls - that's all I really want is girls
Two at a time - I want girls

I thought they were talking about hanging out with their friends. I really should have told Mike D today that his music is really chauvinistic. (Because that would wipe away the memory of horror on my mother's face.)

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