Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp Observations

Well, it's official: I survived Girls Camp. Now, before I make a few sarcastic observations about the experience, let me just say that I actually had a pretty good time and only said out loud once, "Give me strength." (I won't, however, repeat some of the things I thought.)

Anyway, first observation: I understood that as a leader at Girls Camp I needed to set a good example and show a good attitude. However, as hard as I tried, there were just some things I couldn't condone nor participate in with my fellow leaders. For example, one night we met with another camp from Pasadena and had a "Sing Off." Now, I'll admit I'm not really a "singer," but that isn't where the game broke down for me. Instead, my biggest problem was the songs we were expected to know and sing with all our hearts. What songs you ask? Well, first - Disney Songs and the second - musicals. Now, I've seen some Disney movies and I've seen my fair share of musicals, but I wouldn't say I could actually sing a verse from any of these genres. But, you know who could? THE ENTIRE CAMP AND STAFF. So, there I sat, watching in disbelief, at the crowd of grown women singing at the top of their lungs, not just a short chorus, but almost an entire song from Hairspray.*

After 30 minutes of music torture, I stupidly shouted out, "How about some current songs?" and was responded with, "Um, hello, Wicked came out a few years ago." Right you are Momma Jean wearing woman.

Second observation: Kids today are fat. On the second day, we scheduled a hike, and absolute hysteria swept through the camp. I've never seen such fear of exercise in anyone's face. You would think we were asking them to hike 100 miles, with only one water bottle and a flip flop. The hike ended up taking 40 minutes, and that was after two rest stops. Fortunately, at the end of our hike brownies, cheese, crackers and fruit were provided. Because after walking a mile you really need to replenish those 100 calories you burned.

Last observation for the night: Some kids are cool and some are not. As hard as I tried, I could not, how do you say, enjoy one particular child. She was exhaustingly helpless, constantly miserable and thought hanging on me was a way to my heart. I tried each day to befriend her, but by breakfast, I always found myself sticking an imaginary gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger. I just don't understand how some kids can be so endearing and others you just want to find their parents and ask, "Really?"

More stories to come.

*How did I know it was from Hairspray? Because I turned to my neighbor and said, "Um, what in the world is everyone singing?" And she replied, with an incredulous look, "Hello, Hairspray!" And, then I had to throw my hands up in the air and say, "Oh yeah, I always used to listen to that soundtrack when I read Twilight." To which she said, "Me TOO!" And then, I thought, "I was trying to be funny and now I feel like a moron."

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And I used to think that Young Womens would be the best calling ... I am seriously re-thinking that idea.