Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Tonight

I actually have no idea what this picture is about. But, behind these crazy looking people is my grocery store. Go to love Google image.

Today, while walking out of the grocery store, I was asked by a man holding a clip board, "Would you like to stop world hunger?" To which, I replied, "Not tonight." As I got in my car, I started to think about what had just happened. First, what a loaded question! I mean seriously, what will happen next time I leave the grocery store? Will there be some man dressed in all white, holding a can saying, "Want to cure cancer?" Will I also tell him, "Not tonight?" Second of all, what does this guy expect with this question? I mean really, did anyone stop in their tracks and say, "Hell yeah. I got some corn flakes, chicken, milk and deodorant. Let's go my Food Crusader!!" Third of all, if I had helped this shady looking character* would the two of us really been able to feed millions of people? Would I have been back in time to see the worst American Idol finale of all time? And lastly, why did I say "Not tonight?" Do I plan on finding him tomorrow and saying, "Hey, it's Thursday - do you want to save the world NOW?"

Why can't I just go to the freaking grocery store without being asked serious questions like, "Do you want stop world hunger? Would you like to get children off the streets? Would you like to save the whales?!!" Listen people - NOT TONIGHT!

*I've chosen to make him "shady" in my memory so I don't feel guilty for not helping.

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