Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes Even Superman Can't Fly

If you do a little wikipedia search of the man to the left you'll find the following biography: He's released about six albums, written hits for artists like Weezer, Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects and Avril Lavigne (my personal favorite and currently the picture I have in my locker.) He was also named the producer of the year by Rolling Stones, performed with Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks at the recent Grammy Awards and has toured from Japan to the US. Why do I bring up these fun facts? Well, another part to his biography is that he loves La Grande Orange and has visited the restaurant about twenty times. A few weeks ago, he came in with a group of people I can only classify as hipsters. (And I know, this makes me sound totally uncool and old, but in my book a "hipster" is someone covered in tattoos, doesn't look like they've showered in awhile, skinny jeans, raybans and either vans or some kind of boots. Basically, the opposite of me.) Anyway, they were all sitting there and I decided to be a total moron and asked, "What do you guys do - sell insurance?" They started to laugh and replied, "No we are attorneys." I then said, "Ahh crap, that was my second guess."

After this little fun exchange, I then started to talk to the guy in the picture and said, "No really are you guys in a band or something?" AND HE SAID, "Um, yeah. My name is Butch walker and we have a little band." Just a little band? Why he didn't he tell me he used to live with Flea and has been in music videos with Pink and he usually plays to sold out crowds?? I went home and googled "Butch Walker" and had to slap myself. I felt like what Superman must of felt like when he received red sun radiation, which as we all know replaces the higher-yield yellow solar energy in his cells, which again we all know, robs him of the fuel he needs for his powers, or the state his parents lived in during their time on Krypton. Sorry, I got little out of control on wikipedia. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I have been given a gift (much like Superman) - give me a celebrity dressed in drag, a mile away in a snow storm and I'll tell you what movie they were in and what their kids' names are. I don't miss celebrities, and yet, here was one in my restaurant day after day and I had no idea. I'm ashamed, what can I say?

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