Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Go To Move

Last night Jack Johnson gave a free concert at the Santa Monica pier to reward a bunch of people for picking up trash at the beach the day before. (Because what celebrates a major beach clean-up like holding a concert where hundreds of people can leave new trash? I wonder who will be coming next week to celebrate the massive clean-up of empty wine bottles, discarded pot pipes* and single Birkenstock sandals?)

Anyway, as you can imagine, it was quite a treat to sit on the beach, and while inhaling an array of sweet dope*, listening to Mr. Johnson do his thing. However, the highlight of the night, was during the song "Mud Football", a group of people began to get up and dance. Because they were white, and severely six kinds of Wednesday, (a term for being high according to the internets) I couldn't help but notice their "dancing." After a few twirls and arms up in the air, one man pulled his pants down (boxers remained on) and shook his entire body. Apparently, once the evil spirit was cast out, he regained consciousness and pulled his pants back up.

Now, here's my question: You are at a concert. You are feeling the song. You begin to feel the need to dance. Is really pulling your pants down and shaking your body like a possessed individual your "go to move?" The Running Man wouldn't suffice? How about the good ol' Electric Slide? Too outdated? Just curious.

And lastly, what individual finds Jack Johnson's music so electrifying that you have no choice but to pull your pants down and shake your body? Does grass* just make his music more overwhelming?

*I obviously don't do marijuana.

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