Friday, May 21, 2010

Frozen Like A Deer

I know this is a total winnie picture.

There are two types of people in the world. There are the people who run straight towards accidents to help bleeding and injured people. And there are the people who actually run in the opposite direction of any type of suffering. I could win a gold medal in the "running away event." I know, I know I sound heartless, but if I see a sight of blood, a dislocated limb or even the tiny fraction of bone I will buckle over into dry heaves. In addition, I'm not only bad at the sight of gross things, but actually physically feel any description given of surgeries, past injuries and undiagnosed diseases. In short, I hate, no I loathe, any pain that can be caused to the body. (That would be mine or anyone else's.)

So, the other day a line cook was slicing lettuce at the sink and managed to cut off his finger tip. To make matters worse, once the line cook saw the blood coming from his finger, he started to lose consciousness and banged his head against the wall. Now, when all this was going down I was just five feet away and forced to make a decision: Do I run to him, grab a towel for his finger and find a chair for him to sit on? Or do I stay in a frozen position, muttering to myself "happy place, happy place" over and over again and pray that his finger tip will magically re-attach itself? Yep, frozen I stayed. I'm sorry if I saw the floating finger tip I would have curled up and died on the spot.

On a follow-up thought, I really need to work out this "frozen stance" reaction. I swear one day my child is going to get injured, and while they lay on the ground crying, I'm going to be running in the opposite direction screaming, "Hey someone help! Someone's kid is hurt!!"

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