Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby A

I'm not sure if it's a family tradition, or a tradition I try to enforce upon my family, but after eating an obscene amount of turkey I like to take a moment and make everyone around the table comment on what they are grateful for. (I guess this exercise makes me feel better celebrating a holiday that really inaugurated the end of the Native Americans...darn that Genocide class in college.) Anyway, while packing for this gluttonous holiday I started to think of what I would say during my forced "Norman Rockwell moment." Obviously, I'm grateful for my hot hubby, the shelter over our heads and the health we enjoy. However, what really came to mind was my sister. Almost six months ago due to unfortunate, or fortunate circumstances (depends on how you look at it), my twin sister and I were re-introduced. No, I wasn't in some prisoner of war camp (again, reference to that darn class), or was she on some deserted island. Instead, our lives as twins sort of came to slow stop almost ten years ago. I was at Duke, she was in Utah, and all of the sudden we began different lives. Through that time we tried to stay in touch, tried to stay close, but I always felt like we were people with a common past, but no common future. Then six months ago I got a call from her and our paths became one again. I can't express how complete I now feel having my twin and best friend back. So, without a doubt, the thing I am most grateful for, would be my sister and for life bringing us back together.

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The Soulier Family said...

I thought for sure you would be grateful for your fabulous sister-in-law! Maybe next Thanksgiving!

Love ya!