Friday, November 14, 2008


I have decided after much consideration that I'm a total weenie. Sure, I have no qualms about knocking someone over on a field or giving the finger to a passing motorist. But, if I'm asked to confront someone and raise my voice, ever so slightly, I completely crumble. For example, the other day I had to yell at two of my kids for drinking on our recent trip to Hawaii, AND then posting the freaking pictures of the act on Facebook. When I heard about this display of stupidity I was completely fired up. I instantly proclaimed things like, "They are so off this team!" "I'm going to kill them!" and "When I see them I'm going to freaking yell at them!"...Now, let's cut to the actual conversation...

Kate: "Hey you two morons can I talk to you for a second?"
Morons: "Yep."
Kate: "Did you drink in Hawaii and then post pictures of it?"
Morons: "Yep."
Kate: "Okay, that was stupid." (looking at worried faces of morons) "But, hey did you take them down?"
Morons: "We can."
Kate: "Okay, great."
Morons: "Anything else?"
Kate: "Um, about apologizing?"
Morons: "Sure, we're sorry."
Kate: "I wasn't going to play you on Sunday." (trying to pick up some steam here)
Moron #1: "I think we deserve that."
Moron #2: "Really??? Oh, come on."
Kate: "Okay, I'll think about it. But, I'm not happy." (good recovery Kate)
Morons walk away and Kate...well, Kate feels BAD FOR YELLING AT THEM!! What is wrong with me?

I wish I could be like my sister, who never seems to take crap from anybody, or this really mean girl from my freshmen dorm who always told me to get out of the "warm shower," or Chuck Norris...that guy is amazing.

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