Wednesday, December 3, 2008


After years of watching reality TV I have finally found a contestant I absolutely despise. Now, don't get me wrong I have disliked reality TV contestants before. For example, all last season I had a sincere prayer in my heart that Jason Castro (the stoned Jack Johnson wannabe from last year's American Idol) would be run over and then beaten. And, I have hoped that not only would every contestant on MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge contract every STD in the book, but also be caught in the middle of a mugging gone wrong. And of course, there was the ever lovable Kenley, from Project Runway...words do not describe how much she bugged. OKAY, so the list could go on. What can I say...I don't read a lot.

Anyway, as much as I loathe these people, I can still finish an episode and walk away. However, lately, while watching The Biggest Loser I find myself not only giving the finger to this contestant during the episode, but after wanting to drive up to the "ranch" and take this contestant out. Her name is Vicki and for some reason I want her stopped. The Biggest Loser used to be about amazing stories of people changing their lives and working together. This crazy tub from Louisiana is all about back stabbing and complaining. I know I sound like a raving lunatic, but I usually watch this show either smiling or almost crying as they drop another 8 pounds! Now, I'm all sorts a fired up.

How far have I gone? Well, the other day on Yahoo's homepage was an article discussing how awful and conniving Vicki has been on the show. Attached to the article were a bunch of comments from other people stating their dislike for this woman. For a minute I read these comments and actually felt good. I felt vindicated, and to be honest, I felt proud to be finally standing with my fellow Americans over a real cause. Sure we disagree on most things, but at least we can join together and hate on Vicki.


stephanielynn said...

I totally feel the same way. Amy C. should've taken her out when she had the chance! The woman is pure evil.

Lindsay Jane said...

And don't forget about Heba. She's right on Vicki's tail and by tail I mean huge ass.