Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feeling the Brotherly Love

Last weekend I got to go home to Chadds Ford and it was awesome. Here's some highlights of our trip to Philadelphia. More pictures of home will be coming, but blogspot takes FOREVER to load pictures.
Our first stop was in Philadelphia and to experience the official Chadds Ford Elementary field trip.

To the left is my impression of National Treasure. Picture me gripping the Constitution and being shot at.

To the right is an awesome house we found off South Street. It's pink and sparkly.

Pat's Cheesesteak is absolutely amazing. There's a sign there telling you how to order...I thought I was totally pulling it off until I said, "I'll take two cheesesteaks with and provolone." The guy looked at me like, "Oh really you want a cheesesteak? Shocking since that's all we serve." I think the correct request would have been, "2 with provolone." So I can't read...Cheesesteak nazi. In the background is Pat's competitor Geno's.

Don't mind the double chin on me. We didn't have enough time to hit the full Franklin Institute so we decided to watch an amazing 3D show. Okay, it wasn't amazing, but these glasses were.

To the left is me celebrating along with my fellow Philadelphians over the Phillies' World Series victory the night before. I just can't pass up a good Bud Light.

To the right is me excited about being at the freaking Art Museum and seeing this statue of Rocky. I mean, it's Rocky.

Looking down from the Art Museum. Yep, another Rocky tribute. By the way those stairs aren't that steep. What a bum.

To the left is another excited individual. I would like to say we didn't cause a scene with this picture, but that would be a lie. To the right is our best impression of Rocky. Yes, we did try to impersonate every single movie filmed in Philadelphia. You wouldn't believe the scenes we posed for the movie Philadelphia.

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Heidi Louise said...

I can only imagine how you, or Dan actually "posed" for the scenes in Philadelphia.

Love the pictures... Looks like the Hicks had a good time as always!