Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boo Yeah

Last night I felt a mix of emotions over the Election. To be honest, I was pretty apathetic about the presidential race. I figured it was over before it started. However, I was extremely nervous about Prop 8. Yet, the masses have spoken and Prop 8 passed by 52% of the vote. Los Angeles county even was in favor of the proposition! I know it's a small victory, but it feels good to see something being protected.

As a side note...I love this story. A few weeks back I was making calls in regards to Prop 8. I was using this automated calling system that is pretty awkward. There's a lapse between when the call connects and when you hear the person. Consequently, you sound like a telemarketer. Anyway, I called this lady and as she heard the lapse she started to get angry thinking someone was soliciting her business. When I finally told her what I was calling about she apologized for being such a b*tch (her words) and then informed me she was a Christian. She then asked me if how it was going and my success rate. I told her that I was not enjoying the phone calls, but I knew I needed to be making them. She then asked if she could pray for me. I said yes, and then all of the sudden she broke into a prayer on the phone. I know it sounds strange, but I thought it was so cool for this lady to do something so unexpected and so sincere. When I finally got off the phone with her I felt like maybe we had a fighting chance on this issue. I guess I felt right.

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Heidi Louise said...

It only passed because of YOUR hard work. Good job Kate!

On a serious note, I know you put a lot of work into it. And it all paid off!!